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Taghazout Surf Spots

Taghazout is One of the best Surfing destinations in the world, not just for beginners and intermediate surfer, we also have some amazing powerful surf spots like anchor point, boilers and Dracula, we get  best swell for professional surfing during the winter time and we have year around surf for intermediate & beginners. 


Anchor point

First surfed by Australians in the 1960’s, this world class break lights up when a medium to large NW swell is present. An endless succession of speed walls and cutback hooks present themselves with a more sandy section down the point offering occasional green rooms. Working well on all tides, it also can give the opportunity to ride back into Taghazout when it is huge.


A nice beach break often overlooked for the more famous surf spots in the Taghazout area, but producing some good barrels and less crowded than some other breaks. When there is a huge swell rolling in, the sheltered breach break is a safe place for beginners to learn.

Surf Point
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La source & Mystery

Always pumping, surf anytime. Condition and fit for any surfer, 

mystery is a wave that starts in a rock and forms down the line of a sandy beach 

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 13.14.40.png
Surfers on the Beach
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Cro-cro Beach

Great for starters offering punchy lefts and rights with a mainly sandy bottom. It is here that we run our surf school .at that spot They also have a great café that will prepare you a feast


Killer point

Renowned point break named after the visiting pod of Killer Whales occasionally. This is probably the most consistent of the point breaks in Taghazout. At low tide on small swells, the peak in front of the cliff provides a short left and a sectioning right


​If it is big you want then big is what you will get. Winds funnel down from the mountains offering large vertical lips and speed wall

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